Readymix Concrete

Speciality Concretes

We are able to provide customers with just about any type of readymix concrete in the West London, Wembley, Brentford and wider area - Same Day / Next Day Delivery Available - just ask!

Concrete Calculator

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Pumpable Concrete

Concrete that's designed to be pumped into any desired location via a flexible hose or rigid pipe.

Kerb Mixes

An ideal concrete mix for roadside kerbs and edgings for paving.

High Workability Concrete

A concrete mix that can be laid and compacted with ease without any segregation.

Sulfate Resisting Concrete

A highly durable sulfate resistant concrete that is mixed to weather chemical attacks.

1:4 Screed Fibres

Fibres that can reinforce screed concrete floors by inhibiting shrinkage & settlement cracking.

Foam Concrete

Foamed concrete - ideal for voidfill, roadfill or tankfill applications.

Waterproof Concrete

Ideal for basements, swimming pools, green rooftops & other structures that require waterproofing.

Self Compacting Concrete

A self levelling, self compacting concrete mix that helps to improve productivity and performance.

Blended Mixes

Blended mixes can improve workability, strength, durability & chemical resistance of concrete.

Cement Bound Sand (CBS)

Cement bound sand is ideal for protecting cable-work in trenches but can be easily removed to due it's weaker mix.

Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Fibres help to reinforce the strength of concrete - reducing plastic cracking and enhances the durability.

Lean Concrete Mixes

Lean concrete mixes are typically used as a base layer - for foundations, for example.

Retarded Concrete

A retarder used in concrete helps to slow down the curing process if required.

Early Strength Concrete

A fast setting concrete that can help save time and money during construction


A sand and gravel mix that is typically combined with cement and water to create concrete.

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