Concrete Pump FAQs

Concrete Pump FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Concrete Pumps

What is a concrete pump?

A concrete pump is a machine used to transport ready-mix concrete to the job site requiring the pour.

It is typically used for areas that have restricted access so requires a pour over a longer distance than a standard truck chute.

Procon offers both mobile and static concrete pumps in various sizes to accomodate any pour.

What Areas Can Procon Supply Concrete Pumps To?

Procon Readymix can supply concrete pumps to the entirety of the West London region - from UXbridge, Hillingdon and Wembley all the way down to Brentford, Chiswick and Fulham.

To find out more we recommend calling or messaging our friendly support team.

What Information Do I Need When Hiring A Pump?

You simply need to know the distance required to ascertain the length of pump required for the job. We have pumps available in a variety of sizes so can accommodate for your requirements accordingly. 

Access To The Property Is Tricky, Would I Benefit From Using A Pump?

Yes - concrete pumps are specially designed for this exact situation. It allows you to pour concrete in a difficult to access area. A pump can also save you a significant amount of time and labour costs as it doesn't require barrowing once poured on-site.

How Should I Prepare The Site Before The Concrete Pump Starts?

It's important to ensure that the placing area is clear of debris and obstructions to ensure it's as efficient (and safe) as possible.

We also recommend ensuring that ground conditions are suitable for pumping machinery and wind speeds are within safe limits.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Concrete Pump?

The cost of hiring a concrete pump varies as the hire starts from the moment the pump set-up is completed until pumping ends. As every job is different and has varying requirements we will cost it accordingly. To find out more we recommend talking to one of our specialists on 020 8451 7880 .

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