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Find out more about the projects carried out by Procon Readymix Concrete in the Borehamwood region.

  • Thursday, 02 May 2019
    Procon Readymix were appointed to supply 2,000m³ of C32/40 pump mix concrete with STRUX 90/40 fibres. The inclusion of STRUX 90/40 acted as a replacement for A393 steel reinforcing mesh and over a three day period the inside of the composting shed took in excess of 800 cubic metres of concrete with the balance being used in the outer yard.
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Readymix Concrete

We can offer an extensive range of specialist, high performance concretes that are designed to meet the specific needs of your construction project.

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Pump Hire & Collection

We can offer a range of other services in your area - including pump hire and a straight-forward readymix collection service where you can pick up concrete any time of the working day without notice.

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Flowing Screed

A self-compacting, self-levelling flowing screed solution that can be placed at 10 times the rate of standard floor screed - helping you save on manpower, time and money.

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