Concrete FAQs

Concrete FAQs

Concrete Frequently Asked Questions

What is Concrete?

Concrete is a construction material that is made of a combination of cement, water, aggregates and sometimes fibres and admixtures - depending on the requirements of the build.

Are Concrete & Cement The Same Thing?

Cement is an ingredient of concrete - they are not the same thing. Only a combination of cement with other materials, such as aggregates and water, will make concrete.

What Is Ready Mixed Concrete?

Readymix concrete is concrete that is pre-mixed prior to delivery. The mix is tailored to the needs of the customer - specifically the volume of concrete required, the type and the grade. This can save the client a lot of time, labour and cost as they don't need to mix the concrete on-site.

How Is Concrete Measured?

Concrete is measured by cubic metre. Typically one cubic metre of concrete will weigh roughly 2.4T/m3. To work out how many cubic metres you need for your construction job please use our concrete calculator.

How Much Is Concrete?

The price of concrete can vary according to region and your requirements - there's rarely a fixed price. To accurately estimate a project we recommend using our concrete calculator to work out the volume required and request more information from our helpful sales team.

What Types Of Concrete Do Procon Offer?

Procon offers a wide selection of concrete mixes suitable for a variety of construction needs and requirements. Specialist concrete such as foamed, fibre reinforced self-compacting and even waterproof concretes are available. To find out more we recommend looking at our range of specialist concrete or call us and our staff will be happy to talk the products on offer.

Which Parts Of London Can Procon Deliver To?

Currently Procon can deliver to the entirety of West London, including Uxbridge, Hillingdon, Wembley, Brentford, Ealing, Camden, Hampstead, Hendon, Hammersmith, Heathrow, Fulham, Chiswick, etc. To find out more please visit our Areas Served page.

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