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Costco's Wembley

Customer: Snowden Seamless Flooring Ltd

April 2016

We are currently supplying over 2,000m³ of specialised C32/40 flooring pump mix air entrained. Again a quick turnaround job is progressing fast and to the satisfaction of the customer. Costco’s is due to be open Christmas this year.





New Selco Warehouse, Wembley

Customer: Central Piling, Marbank Construction Ltd

February 2016

We have a great relationship with Central Piling and have supplied over fifty sites for them over the years. On a quick turn-around job like this, supply is essential and we soon had the beams poured for Marbank and the frame up.




Slipform, Colindale

Customer: Designated Contractors Ltd

April 2015

Procon Readymix were appointed to supply over 700m³ of C45/55 slipform concrete for a lift shaft in Colindale for Designated Contractors with ‘Bitschnau Slipform’.
Height: 64m
Slip forming enabled a continuous, non-interruptive cast-in-place ‘flawless’ concrete structure giving the customer an extremely short and economical construction time.






Customer: Marron Civil Engineering Ltd

February 2015

Our local client Marron Civil Engineering remains extremely satisfied with our quality and service as we easily supply day pours comprising in excess of 560m³ of C32/40 for soon to be student accommodation in Wembley.







Honeypot Lane

Customer: J.B. Developments & Construction Ltd

April 2014

One of over 35 sites we have successfully serviced for loyal client (see news –link) J.B. Developments, Alpine House, a large residential new build c/o Jaysam Contractors.
We supplied over 4,000m³ to the site with mixes ranging from RC32/40 to SIKA watertight concrete.





The Bishops Avenue

Customer: C J O’Shea & Company Ltd

April 2014

Buxmead, The Bishops Avenue

It was a pleasure to supply over 25,000m³ for C J O’Shea c/o Harrison Varma for this extensive build on one of London’s most prestigious tree-lined streets.
Starting with the piling contract supply with varied soft and hard mixes we soon went on to the main structure delivering watertight Triton for the vast basement area, RC32/40 and C50/60 concrete mixes.
Due for a successful and timely completion in June 2016.






Customer: Kaybridge Construction Ltd

April 2014

To date we have delivered over 8,000m³ to this ongoing development at Grahame Park Way, maintaining our great relationship with Kaybridge. We supply mixes ranging from C32/40, Pudlo watertight and high strength C60 to name but a few.





Power Floating Slab

Customer: Reviva Composting Limited, Site: Elstree Hill South WD6

March 2011

Procon Readymix were appointed to supply 2,000m³ of C32/40 pump mix concrete with STRUX 90/40 fibres.
The inclusion of STRUX 90/40 acted as a replacement for A393 steel reinforcing mesh and over a three day period the inside of the composting shed took in excess of 800 cubic metres of concrete with the balance being used in the outer yard.
The contract was completed to the satisfaction of the cusotmer and Grace Construction Products, who approved the mix design and monitored the dosing of the STRUX at the batching plant and the workability on site.






At Procon we supply most of the leading piling contractors including..

• Roger Bullivant Piling
• Van Elle Piling
• JM Piling (J. Murphy & Sons)
• McGee Group
• Selectpile
• Purkelly Brothers
• Central Piling
• Colets Piling
• Geostructural Solutions

... to name a few.





Groundwork / Reinforced Concrete Frames

Our clients:

• J P Dunn Construction Ltd
• Bam Nuttal
• Carey Group PLC
• Ardmore
• CF Harrington
• Duffy Group
• AJ Morrisroe
• CJ O’Shea
• Addington Formwork
• Coinford
• John Doyle PLC
• Mitchellson
• O’Keefe Construction (Greenwich)
• Kaybridge
• AD Bly
• Houlihan & Co
• TCL Formwork
• Flannery Amery






Civil Engineering / Utilities

Our Clients:

• Skanska PLC
• J Murphy
• Barhale PLC
• FM Conway
• Volker Fitzpatrick
• Ringway PLC
• J Browne
• O’Hara Bros Surfacing
• J & B Construction





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